The University brand – why is it so important?

Our brand is the total Colorado State University experience.

Who we are, what we do, why we do it, how we do it, and who we do it for.

The brand is the set of expectations that stakeholders associate with our university and our services. At the core of every brand is a pledge to those you serve – a promise to consistently do or offer something in a way they come to expect. What our constituents come to expect of us is built upon the foundation of what we expect of ourselves. And we expect and achieve excellence, every day.

Our brand unites us and makes us stronger.

A strong brand builds an emotional bond with stakeholders, creating a sense of loyalty, and ultimately influences how constituents interact with us.

The word “university” derives from the Latin word, universitas, meaning, “the whole, total; the universe, the world.” CSU is a universe of colleges, departments, divisions, centers, and many, many other entities whose reasons for existing encompass a broad variety of individual and group missions. Yet, each of these many and varied parts share in the combined strength of reputation for excellence and credibility that comes with being part of the Colorado State University brand.

In building the brand, consistency is key.

Each time constituents come in contact with CSU, they naturally form and reshape their opinions of Colorado State University.

When they encounter consistent approaches and delivery of services through our communications and our actions, stakeholders feel a sense of familiarity and confidence. The end result: we continue to improve the status and reputation of the University, illustrating to our publics that we do, in fact, deliver what we promise. That they can trust us. That we have integrity.

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