The following real-world examples show the CSU design aesthetic in action.

While some of the examples feature our old unit identifier system, the design principles are still relevant.

Multidisciplinary Usage and Co-Branding

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of our University, events, programs, and other developments may require identifying multiple units. However, no more than one unit may be paired with the signature. In this event, please follow the guidelines below or contact your Creative Services coordinator for a custom application.

example of poster for branding, identification for multiple University entities
  1. Colorado State University sponsors identified below the unifying word mark
  2. The green bar anchors word mark to adhere to University branding while highlighting accent colors.
  3. University Enterprise marks display below the word mark.
  4. Core University names listed in Proxima Nova

OEO Statement

The University OEO statement: “An equal-access and equal-opportunity University.” must be included on print publications.

Email Signatures

Use HTML text for contact information. Arial or Helvetica is acceptable.

When pairing the name of the unit with the name of the University, use a unit identifier.

If using the CSU word mark, it stands alone without a unit pairing.

If using the CSU word mark, include unit identification in text with the contact information.

Use low-resolution, transparent png files for images. 

Print Collateral

  1. Signature and Unit Identifier display on front of two-sided publication.
  2. University Word Mark may appear on back of publication.
  3. Green prominently portion of design front and back.
  4. Topographic texture from college VBL.
    Bold vibrant image.
  5. Name of program pulled out in headline in typography from college VBL.


Example of green bar use
  1. The Warner College of Natural Resources signature is anchored in a narrow green bar to add a touch of our brand color to the full-bleed poster.
  2. The dominant color is a tertiary accent color from the college’s VBL.
  3. The headline is a bold and easy-to-read option from the college’s VBL.
  4. Clean body copy contrasts against the background.
  5. A simple image adds texture.

Magazines and Publications

  1. Headline set in Klavika, a CSU brand font.
  2. Images are simple, avoiding complicated or confusing backgrounds.
  3. While many photos are used in the piece, they are all complementary and enhance the story.
  4. Design is clean and orderly with a sense of hierarchy.


Infographic includes a prominent datapoint and no more than five words.

Universal symbols in illustration reduce words while ensuring comprehension.

Hierarchy and visual rhythm help the reader digest complex information.

With no unit to identify, the CSU Word Mark stands alone.


  1. Faculty/staff departmental shirts are green.
  2. Logo, unit identifier, and signature embroidered on garment in slightly thicker weight than printed applications.
  3. CSU Green is significant part of design.
    Aggie Orange is used as a secondary color option.
  4. Custom artwork created in collaboration with unit.
  5. Logo, unit identifier, and signature printed on garment.

All Colorado State University apparel and promotional items must be purchased from a licensed vendor. Find our current vendor list for contact information.

Vehicle Wraps

Signature and unit identifier prominent on University vehicle.

Green color prominent on vehicles when possible.


  1. Presentations include full-size, college-specific photos. 
  2. Green overlay provides a clean background for text.
  3. Shapes and spot illustration draw from college’s visual brand language.
  4. College title typeface may diverge from signature.
  5. Typeface draws from college visual brand language.
  6. Logo, Signature, and Unit Identifier present.

Digital Signs

  1. Internal communications make use of college VBL colors
  2. Signature and word mark unnecessary, as word mark is permanently displayed on sign housing. 
  3. Type is large, bold, and easy to read.


Signature and unit identifier anchored in CSU Green top bar.

University Word Mark in CSU Green footer.

Name of program or department pulled out into a headline below the green bar.

Responsive signature for mobile and tablet viewports.