The shape of our brand
Our illustration style is clean and modern; it’s built on refined geometric shapes mixed with rounded edges. While we encourage unique and varied styles, our core aesthetic is circular, reflecting the confining shape of our logo, the Ram’s Head. Whenever possible, align designs with CSU branding by including circles and rounded corners in patterns, illustration, infographics, and iconography.


When to use illustration
While photography is suitable when representing tangible situations and subjects, illustration best conveys the abstract and conceptual.

Illustration example

Spot illustrations
Spot illustrations are different from full-fledged illustrations in that they stand on their own, without a background scene. This type of illustration can highlight information, visualize a simple concept, or add personality. They are not to be confused with icons, which are more functional.

Spot illustration example

​Infographic illustrations
In our data-driven world, infographics have emerged as a favorite way to display and interpret numerical information. When developing infographics, consider the project a visual story rather than a list of facts. As with any story, too many details distract from the theme.  Carefully choose and display data with minimal colors, icons, and information so that the most important ideas are at the forefront.

Infographic example
Infographic example


Icons are quick, visual guideposts that allow readers to skim with ease. Utilitarian in nature, icons are helpful additions to directional signage, Web navigation, and mobile interfaces. The most useful icons are simple, universally understood, and without extraneous detail. When using or creating icons, lean on universal symbols. For example, the mail app icon on your phone is an envelope as opposed to a mail carrier’s bag or a post office symbol.

The University’s custom icon pack includes directional, educational, lifestyle, and communications-related icons. Marketing & Brand Management will occasionally create new icons as needed. Contact us with recommendations.

Icons for CSU brand

Download CSU Brand Icons as an EPS

csu-brand-icons (2 MB eps file)

The Icon Suite is also available for download as a font.

Icon Web Font
65 KB – zip

for use in websites and apps
  • icon-aggie-aCharacter: \e900
  • icon-aidCharacter: \e901
  • icon-arrowCharacter: \e902
  • icon-arrowheadCharacter: \e903
  • icon-awardCharacter: \e904
  • icon-backpackCharacter: \e905
  • icon-bicycleCharacter: \e906
  • icon-bookCharacter: \e907
  • icon-bulbCharacter: \e909
  • icon-bulb-filamentCharacter: \e908
  • icon-busCharacter: \e90a
  • icon-certificateCharacter: \e90b
  • icon-checkCharacter: \e90c
  • icon-chemistryCharacter: \e90d
  • icon-cityCharacter: \e90e
  • icon-clockCharacter: \e90f
  • icon-cloudCharacter: \e910
  • icon-coffeeCharacter: \e911
  • icon-cogCharacter: \e912
  • icon-coinsCharacter: \e913
  • icon-compassCharacter: \e914
  • icon-coneCharacter: \e915
  • icon-conversationCharacter: \e916
  • icon-corinthCharacter: \e917
  • icon-coupleCharacter: \e918
  • icon-credit-cardCharacter: \e919
  • icon-currencyCharacter: \e91a
  • icon-cursorCharacter: \e91b
  • icon-diagramCharacter: \e91c
  • icon-diplomaCharacter: \e91d
  • icon-dnaCharacter: \e91e
  • icon-documentCharacter: \e91f
  • icon-dramaCharacter: \e920
  • icon-drinkCharacter: \e921
  • icon-dropCharacter: \e923
  • icon-drop-pointCharacter: \e922
  • icon-flowerCharacter: \e924
  • icon-glassesCharacter: \e925
  • icon-globeCharacter: \e926
  • icon-grad-capCharacter: \e927
  • icon-groupCharacter: \e928
  • icon-headphonesCharacter: \e929
  • icon-heartCharacter: \e92a
  • icon-id-cardCharacter: \e92b
  • icon-laptopnCharacter: \e92c
  • icon-leafCharacter: \e92d
  • icon-longboardCharacter: \e92e
  • icon-mailCharacter: \e92f
  • icon-moneyCharacter: \e930
  • icon-mountainCharacter: \e931
  • icon-musicCharacter: \e932
  • icon-negativeCharacter: \e933
  • icon-noteCharacter: \e934
  • icon-paintCharacter: \e935
  • icon-paper-airplaneCharacter: \e936
  • icon-paperclipCharacter: \e937
  • icon-pawCharacter: \e938
  • icon-peakCharacter: \e939
  • icon-pencilCharacter: \e93a
  • icon-personCharacter: \e93b
  • icon-phoneCharacter: \e93c
  • icon-pineCharacter: \e93d
  • icon-positiveCharacter: \e93e
  • icon-ramCharacter: \e93f
  • icon-refreshCharacter: \e940
  • icon-rulerCharacter: \e941
  • icon-scienceCharacter: \e942
  • icon-snowflakeCharacter: \e943
  • icon-speechCharacter: \e944
  • icon-strikeCharacter: \e945
  • icon-sunCharacter: \e946
  • icon-trainCharacter: \e947
  • icon-treesCharacter: \e948
  • icon-wheatCharacter: \e949
  • icon-xCharacter: \e94a