Ram's Head

The Ram’s Head is the University’s official logo. It can be paired with the University word mark and signature. While the Ram’s Head artwork is available as a standalone piece of art, it should never appear in external communication without the logo or signature.

The Ram’s Head is available in three color variations:
Pantone 357-617
Pantone 357
Reversed (one-color)

Download the University Logo – The Ram’s Head


The Ram’s Head should always be applied to a clean and contrasting background.
Pantone 357-617
Pantone 357
Reversed (one-color)

When applying the Ram’s Head over a photo, select the Pantone 357 version of the artwork, rather than the reversed one-color, to avoid reversing the Ram’s colors.

Do NOT place a photo inside the Ram’s Head.

The following applications of the Ram’s Head are not compliant:

  1. Do not make the face gold or any color besides white
  2. Do not invert the colors
  3. Do not use a different shade of green
  4. Do not stretch
  5. Do not tilt
  6. Do not distort
  7. Do not use as a gradient
  8. Do not place over busy or complicated photos with a drop shadow
  9. Do not add to or alter the logo to create a new mark. 


To maintain legibility, the Ram’s Head may not appear less than 0.4 inches in size. Proportions may not be altered, with the logo always remaining circular.

Clear Space

When used alone, the Ram’s Head must be surrounded by appropriate clear space. The clear space may be no less than one-half the height of the Ram’s head. Text or additional images may not enter clear space.

Allow for a live area on the Ram’s head
The clear space may be no less than one-half the height of the Ram’s Head.

Avoid adding elements to the Ram’s head
Text, additional images, or art may not enter the clear space.

For questions or to request a waiver, please contact branding@colostate.edu.