Energy Typefaces

Bodoni PT VF

Bodoni PT VF is an expressive serif font that adds a sophisticated and traditional edge to the brand.

Skilled designers can use the variable setting to increase legibility at large or small sizes while still making sure it fits the look and feel of the brand. All other users should use the preset styles within the font family. The Display Italic style should only be used in large stylized headlines, while Regular and Italic can be used in body copy for a more formal look and feel.

If you have access to the Adobe Creative Suite, Bodoni PT VF can be accessed via Adobe Fonts. If not, licenses can be purchased by contacting your Marketing & Brand Management project coordinator.

Bodoni Typeface Example


Poppins is a friendly sans-serif typeface that retains accessibility standards at all sizes. Select weights for the Poppins family used in our brand include Bold, Semibold, Medium, and Regular (inclusive of the italic versions). Poppins can be used for both headlines and body copy.

Identity System Typefaces

Identity System Typefaces are those that are used in Unit Identifiers and other identity practices in using logos. These fonts will remain present on certain institutional graphics, like signage, but in our new era of Energy branding, we urge you to use the Energy Typefaces for any other brand applications.

Vitesse Family

Vitesse is a modern, slab serif font with slightly rounded asymmetrical characters. Vitesse is a distinctive typeface and creates an easily recognizable look for the University.

Vitesse Typeface Example

Proxima Nova Family

Proxima Nova is Colorado State’s versatile all-purpose font. Stylistically, Proxima Nova is a hybrid, combining humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance.

Proxima Nova Typeface Example

System Typefaces

In the absence of the University typefaces identified above, Minion and Arial are acceptable replacements.