Unit Identifiers and the Signature

The University Signature was developed to pair with on-campus entities as Unit Identifiers. The Unit Identifiers depart from past iterations in that they provide top billing to the units with which familiar audiences are most aligned. By dropping the terms “department,” “program,” and “office,” the new Unit Identifiers are shorter, more legible, and more authentically mirror how we talk about our units with familiar audiences.

To align with the public’s perception of our University as a single entity, departments, units, and programs cannot develop independent logos and marks and instead must use their Unit Identifier. 

Unit identifiers are available in two arrangements, horizontal (H) and vertical (V) to accommodate a variety of sizes and orientations. The vertical version is best applied when horizontal space is limited, such as in banner ads.


Size and clear space
Designs must provide adequate clear space around signatures. All signature files include a bounding box; no other design elements may interfere with this space.

The minimum size for the unit identifier and signature is 2.5 inches.
The downloadable files above are saved at the smallest allowable size. You may increase the scale, but please do NOT further reduce its size.

A signature should always be used against a clean and contrasting background.

The University Signature should be added to any University Enterprise’s branding.
See the “University Identification and Affiliation” section for the definition of University Enterprises.

Identifying Multiple University Entities

Some publications require identification for multiple University entities, including divisions, colleges, departments, offices, or programs. In these applications, multiple unit identifiers clutter space and diminish recognition to the involved groups. Follow the examples below to maximize space and ensure clear identification.

example of poster for branding, identification for multiple University entities
  1. Colorado State University sponsors identified below the unifying word mark
  2. The green bar anchors word mark to adhere to University branding while highlighting accent colors.
  3. University Enterprise marks display below the word mark.
  4. Core University names listed in Proxima Nova

For questions, please contact branding@colostate.edu.