Brand Colors

Colorado State’s primary color palette consists of three colors: CSU Green, CSU Gold, and CSU White. We recommend using them generously whenever you are communicating on behalf of CSU.


swatch of CSU green
swatch of CSU gold
swatch of CSU white

CSU Green

HEX: #1E4D2B
RGB: 30, 77, 43
CMYK: 92, 18, 94, 61
PMS: Pantone 357

CSU Gold

HEX: #C8C372
RGB: 200, 195, 114
CMYK: 11, 6, 64, 13
PMS: Pantone 617

CSU White 

RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Using Color

When designing publications or other items for the University, consider the ratio of colors found in the Ram’s Head. Green dominates while white is secondary. Gold serves as an accent color, providing depth and interest. The color weights should reflect proportions as represented in the Colorado State University Ram’s Head logo.

While we have established secondary and tertiary colors, our core colors should be prominent in all Colorado State University communications.

Green Gold Ratio in CSU logo


Colorado State’s secondary color palette includes Aggie Orange and 80% Black. Aggie Orange honors our roots as the Colorado A&M Aggies and is used in conjunction with special events, such as College of Agricultural Sciences’ Ag Day and Athletics’ Orange Out games. When designing CSU communications and products, avoid using black in favor of 80% Black. Gray serves as a neutral substitute and pairs well with CSU Green, avoiding brand confusion with competitors.

CSU black swatch
CSU Aggie orange swatch

80% Black

HEX: #59595B
RGB: 89,89.91
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 80
PMS: 425

Aggie Orange

HEX: #D9782D
RGB: 217, 120, 45
CMYK: 0, 65, 100, 0
PMS: Orange 021


Our tertiary color palette features five colors that complement each other and, more importantly, CSU Green, Gold, and White. These colors are to be used as accents, with CSU Green being the dominant color.

CSU alfalfa swatch
CSU canyon swatch
CSU dark slate swatch
CSU reservoir swatch
CSU sunshine swatch


HEX: #C9D845
RGB: 201, 216, 69
CMYK: 28, 0, 100, 0
PMS: Pantone 382


HEX: #CC5430
RGB: 204, 84, 48
CMYK: 0, 82, 94, 2
PMS: Pantone 173

Dark Slate

HEX: #105456
RGB: 16, 84, 86
CMYK: 96, 16, 42, 57
PMS: Pantone 323


HEX: #12A4B6
RGB: 18, 164, 182
CMYK: 98, 0, 28, 4
PMS: Pantone 7711


HEX: #ECC530
RGB: 236, 197, 48
CMYK: 0, 20, 100, 2
PMS: Pantone 7406


Forever Green
CSU Green should be featured prominently in visual communication from Colorado State University.

Examples of CSU Green featured prominently in visual communications

The green bar
When developing publications with photos or accent colors, the CSU logo may be placed in a green bar at the bottom of the piece.

Example of green bar use

CSU Green should be the predominant color in the title and end cards of videos.