The University Signature

Inspired by the Colorado State University seal, the University Signature is a new addition to the Colorado State University visual brand language. Colorado State University is a networked brand, in which distinct entities come together to create the University as a whole. The University Signature allows those distinct entities (colleges, departments, programs) to pair their names and identities with the University.

The Signature is Colorado State University’s primary mark. Use the Signature in all applications except:

  • In formal University communication and external signage, use the Word Mark.
  • In President’s Office communications, the seal may substitute.

Linear Version

Stacked Version

Centered Version


The files above are saved at the smallest allowable size. You may increase the size proportionately, but please do not reduce its size.

Do not pair the signature incorrectly with any other logo, college, department, or program name.
In these instances, use a signature with unit identifier or contact Creative Services.

Size and clear space
The clear space around the logo is equal to the height of the “o” in “Colorado,” regardless of the size. The downloadable signature files on this site include a bounding box around the artwork. To preserve clear space, no graphics or artwork may overlap this boundary.

The word mark should always be used against a clean, contrasting background.

For questions, please contact