Please use the email signature example to identify oneself in professional settings. The example includes space for title, address, phone/fax numbers, department or college name, and URL.

To ensure compliance with University policy, avoid additional statements, quotations, photographs, or images. Exceptions include University-specific campaigns, such as the official equal-opportunity statement, official social media account promotion, admissions, event ticket sales, or fundraising.

Contact with question about other additions.

Email signature examples
  • Use HTML text for contact information. Arial or Helvetica is acceptable.
  • When pairing the name of the unit with the name of the University, use a unit identifier.
  • If using the CSU word mark, it stands alone without a unit pairing.
  • If using the CSU word mark, include unit identification in text with the contact information.
  • Use low-resolution, transparent png files for images.

How to edit your email signature:

Step 1 (Outlook via desktop application):

  • Select “New Email”
  • Go to the “Signature” dropdown menu and select “Edit Signatures…”
  • Here you will find where to edit your email signature
  • Proceed to Step 2

Step 1 (Outlook via Office 365 web browser):

  • Click the gear icon for “Settings” at the top right
  • Click “View all Outlook settings” at the bottom
  • Under the “Mail” tab, choose “Compose and reply”
  • Here you will find where to edit your email signature
  • Proceed to Step 2

Step 2:

  • Compose using the visual above, or copy and paste:

Firstname Lastname

P: (970) XXX-XXXX  |  C: (970) XXX-XXXX
XXXX Campus Delivery
Address, Fort Collins, CO 80523

[Download CSU Signature below, or use your Unit ID and drop here. Resize to appx. above guidelines]